Quick Quiz!

  1. Who is more legendary: The Queen band or The King of Pop
  2. Which all-female group you prefer: Riot Grrrl or Spice Girls
  3. Would you rather go: 30 Seconds to Mars or One Direction
  4. Whose music sounds better: Adam Levine's or Justin Bieber's
  5. Maroon 5 is pop rock: True, False, What does that even mean?

It's that debate of all-time: ROCK vs. POP!!! So classic!

If you're a die-hard rocker or a pop culture-lover, stick around and let's discuss what is better, the pros and the cons. Tell us which is real music and which is just nonsense noise. Find out what constitutes each genre. Is pop rock just a term designed to mess with our heads?

Rockstar or Popstar. Rock Band or Boy Band. Ready to rock 'n' roll or ready to dance-pop. Join discussions, share your thoughts, c'mon, let's rock and pop. It's time to bring the house down!